And so, it begins….

Have you ever been in a situation where you have committed yourself to an initiative, a project that has been on your mind for a while? One that you have, maybe, procrastinated over and always kicked the can down the road? Well, this is such a project.

Photographing the residents of Syston has been something that has been in my mind for a good few years but never had the ‘kick’ to get it started; I’ve always had something else to do and there always seemed to be plenty of time to get it started in the future.

What’s changed?

Well, we are in a period of lockdown – currently 4 weeks in. We now have time to dedicate to those many chores and projects we’ve been putting off but, more importantly, now seems an appropriate moment to record and document the people and the place where we have chosen to live. Things are going to change as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic and, before they do, I want to take a snapshot and freeze in time a village which, even whilst we self-isolate, does so together as a thriving, fun-loving, and above all, supportive and caring community.

And so, we must make a start – we have a commitment to deliver.

One reply on “And so, it begins….”

It is great to see such enthusiasm for the project from the residents of Syston. The result will be a record of an exceptional moment in the history of our time and it will be a reminder of the strength of support in our small community.


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