What once was lost shall be found!

Yesterday I tried to scan my first sheets of 8×10 film but was thwarted by the fact that I could not find my film area guide. This is just a flimsy piece of plastic that helps the scanner calibrate before scanning. Without this simple piece I couldn’t get an image at all. I searched the house high and low – I know I still had it somewhere but, try as I might, finding it was proving to be an impossible task.

Faced with such challenges in the past – this kind of thing is a regular occurrence for me – I decided the best thing to do was to sleep on it. This morning, having exhausted all the possibilities with the house I woke with the sneaky feeling that the guide might actually be in a storage box in the garage – I have a number of plastic boxes with various bits of camera and darkroom in them. After about 30 mins of searching that also came to a dead end.

Now I had seriously drawn a blank so back into the house so search again; which was fruitless, again. Another break from searching and then, an epiphany! Back to garage, on top of the storage is a cardboard box. The cardboard box contain sundry items from my 3D printers and there, right at the bottom, I see a little corner of flimsy plastic. Right there, at the bottom of a box with absolutely no other photographic kit, is my film area guide. I have no idea why it’s in that box but, c’est la vie!

One film area guide – the cause of a ‘little’ frustration.

Now I can get onto some scanning and making sure I can remember how to do all of that and get a good image on the computer screen before printing. We’re making progress – slightly faltering – but’s it’s progress!


4 replies on “What once was lost shall be found!”

Hurrah! I suffer from this syndrome quite a lot! Usually because things get tidied up and put away somewhere “safe” (by others) but then there is no memory of having Seen them, moved them nor where they might have been stored “safely”.


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